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Welcome and Glad to be here

Future Lieutenants,
First let me say that, on behalf of Staff Group 10D, we are glad to be here and a big thanks to you all and the cadre for giving us this opportunity. We look forward to sharing our thoughts on the topics you all will be studying for class and answering your questions along the way. Please feel free to ask questions about the topics in the threads. I will talk with LTC Basso and see if we can’t get a “General Questions” thread going as we get to know each other. I would suggest to you to take full advantage of the anonymity that you have here. There are very few times in your career that you will be able to ask questions without your peers labelling good questions as “stupid.” Good luck and we look forward to getting to know you all.

Welcome and Blog Rules


In advance let me thank the Fort Leavenworth Intermediate Level Education Students for sharing their thoughts this semester.  They will post a weekly blog entry.  Your role is to comment on that blog entry by clicking on the comment button.  Your comments are anonymous (as long as you pick a non-obvious username), so ask any questions that you might have and air your honest opinion on a topic.  Further, you may comment on each other’s comments as long as you keep it professional.  Finally, I am encouraging you to pepper your comments with what you have learned from your readings and from — comments are good, informed comments are better.

LTC Basso